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  All-in-One Training Management System Emerges as Industry Standard

Is this a good time to improve your effectiveness and cut your operating costs? Of course it is. FlexTraining provides complete targeted online training solutions for companies, departments, and organizations of all sizes. Our rapid-development, easy tools set and flexible online training framework will cut your training costs now, and provide a long-term competitive edge, without high startup fees. See Multimedia Demos.

Any type of training that services a distributed audience and needs a practical solution. Examples include employee orientation, software user training, technical skills enhancement, continuing education for professionals, computer systems workshops, personal enrichment courses, policy and procedures training, public service and citizen involvement courses and many others.

When considering the benefits of a web-based training environment, companies may wonder who trains the students or employees, the computer or a subject matter expert. The answer is “both.” An e-learning milieu provides the learning platform and contains carefully prepared course material, including charts, photographs, assignments, tests and multi-media. Whether your courses are instructor-led or completely automated, your students are still being trained by the content developer, presumably an expert in your domain or topic. Expand your learning footprint within the organization and tap into the value of a company “know-it-all.” Reach out within your organization and invite the great thinkers to participate in course development by providing content and viewpoints on the topic, company, objective or training program. By utilizing the resident experts, your content will be enhanced and the learning experience will be enriched.

Need Professional Help?

Our e-learning consultants can help you assess the scope of your e-learning training initiatives, guide you through the transition to online training and help you get the most out of your web-based training software options.

The Right Size for the Right Price.

FlexTraining offers you a choice of a licensed, server-based product or a monthly hosted subscription. Choose the Small Business Express, Standard Corporate, Enterprise Volume or Unlimited license to train and unite your workforce, customer base or student body.

Outstanding Value.

Your bottom line is our top priority. The FlexTraining Total E-Learning Solution can be licensed for limited or unlimited students at one fixed, economical price. The licensing options offer a simple, one-time payment for the best edition to fit your online training needs.


Our consultants, development and support teams are just a call or click away. FlexTraining provides everything you need in one software package so you can manage all of your e-learning training initiatives in one place.

Expert In-House Service and Support.

We are here for you. The actual developers of FlexTraining manage and provide support, so you’re getting assistance from those who know our software best. We offer immediate activation and a rapid and proven path to success. Other companies are utilizing online training for the immediate advantages it provides. Can you afford not to?

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