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About Us

FlexTraining: A Learning Management CompanyAbout Us

As the premier developer of knowledge management solutions, FlexTraining provides the software and infrastructure to give companies the opportunity to embrace a culture of learning with the real-world tools that make online training a reality. 

FlexTraining creates a business advantage for organizations by delivering the right knowledge to the right people at the right time while doing it in a cost-effective manner.

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution is in place at over 300 companies, organizations and government agencies around the world. Since 1998, FlexTraining has been a pioneer in combining advanced E-Learning features with a straightforward design and ease of use.

FlexTraining software lets customers easily build their own private training facility that creates and offers interactive learning without tedious setup, conversion or programming tasks. We offer a full suite of e-Learning development and management tools and a complete line of professional services.  

National Training Systems

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution is developed and supported by National Training Systems, a unique e-Learning software firm located in Tampa, Florida. We offer robust, web-based solutions, scalable from the small company to the global enterprise. We utilize a professional approach, extensive industry experience, best practices and very competitive license and subscription fees. 

Our undisputed track record includes bringing online learning experiences to over one million licensed users worldwide. Our FlexTraining products and services empower small and large corporations, government entities, universities and non-profit associations to develop and transfer critical skills across the enterprise or around the world. Our business partner network helps leverage our expertise by performing course-building, system management and other professional services to our growing customer base. Headquartered in Tampa, National Training Systems services a global customer base throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We pride ourselves on quality software, solid reliability and professional service and support. In addition to FlexTraining, we also market PM-Express, the most versatile and flexible web based performance measurement system available.




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