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FlexTraining Learning Management System - Custom CoursesFlexTraining Custom Courses

When your learning audience needs to receive skills beyond the pre-packaged courses like Word or Outlook, you need to utilize a custom course. Such courses must be developed specifically for your subject matter and for the skill level of the learners as well.

When confronted with the need for custom training, the question many ask is "where do I start?" The answer is you start right here. Our experience in developing, deploying and managing custom online training allows you to focus on planning and developing your overall curriculum and overall training plan, while the tasks of course development, hosting and management are handled for you.

Perhaps you have training material that has been used in the past in a classroom setting or you simply have notes and manuals containing the knowledge your online learners need. We can take that information and transform it into a set of custom online courses, ready for delivery and tracking.

From there you can utilize them over and over, making changes as conditions and experience dictate. Choose to deploy your custom courses in your own internal e-Learning environment or let us create and manage your training environment for you. You have the option of licensing your own FlexTraining software for your Intranet or Internet learning site or utilizing a hosted solution such as our "Login & Go" program.

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