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Demo Center

Click on the icons below to explore FlexTraining. Then select an option at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Using Your FlexTraining Solution

The Secure FlexTraining Student Menu

Introduction to the flexible, configurable, FlexTraining student menu.

Course Navigation

Move from lesson to lesson seamlessly while FlexTraining tracks student progress.

Taking an Online Test

Testing measues how much your students are learning - test templates are text and multimedia-based.

Create a Custom Look and Feel

Easy branding techniques give your FlexTraining system the look and feel you want.


Interactive Online Training really works. Here are some examples:

Interactive Screens

Keeping the learner's attention is the basis for the interactivity that is key when you need to transfer knowledge and build skills.

Scenario-based Training

In this Captivate example, the learner's responses determine what kind of information is displayed next. A section of material is bypassed if the learner already has the desired knowledge.

Branching Example

In this interactive scenario, the learners see what happens when they reply with the right messages in a sales conversation. They also see what happens if they respond with the wrong messages.

Use FlexTraining screens to rapidly build courses and monitor training activity:

Visual Course Builder

Use template-based learning screens along with external content such as streaming video, narrations, Flash movies, PDF documents and web pages to assemble your courses. An on-screen visual layout gives you the big picture as you add lessons and tests.

Assessment Tool - Online Tests

You can add pre-tests, post-tests, or drop in a test after each lesson. Test question templates provide a framework and allow you to set minimum scores and other assessment policies.


FlexAuthoring is a point-and-click authoring tool that lets you build learning content from the ground up. All you need is an idea - FlexTraining provides the structure and navigation.

Reporting and Analysis

Measure activity and success in meeting your training goals using a complete reporting menu. Analyze test results and course completions, and report progress to management. Reports can also be e-mailed or downloaded into a spreadsheet.

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