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Free Information Kit
You may be new to online training or perhaps you have already been involved in several e-Learning projects. In either case, an information packet with background and detailed product information is a good place to start. The information resources we send you come without obligation for the purpose of helping you develop a winning e-Learning strategy and increasing your knowledge.

Powering E-Learning for:
Typical Learning Management System User

Please select one or more items from the list below:

A detailed "requirements survey" that includes a list of features, functions and capabilities that you can use to compare one e-Learning system with another.
A PowerPoint "management overview" presentation. This is a 10-minute executive overview of the FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution. There's basic information for the busy manager or project leader.
A high-level "Info Book" with an overview of online training, stragegies for success, and features you can expect to find in FlexTraining.
The latest pricing and product module descriptions including license fees, monthly subscription rates (for customers who want to set up online training without purchasing software or using their own servers) and any current promotions.

Do you already have a good idea of what kind of training you want to do? Ask a FlexTraining e-Learning consultant about putting your ideas and material into a FlexTraining course and showing it to you online. You'll see first-hand that online learning works, it's effective and it can save you money.


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