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Don't just launch a training system. Build a partnership.

  All-in-One E-Learning Emerges as Industry Standard

Is this a good time to improve your effectiveness and cut your operating costs? FlexTraining provides complete targeted online training solutions for companies, departments, and organizations of all sizes. Our rapid-development online training framework will cut your training costs now, and provide a long-term competitive edge, without high startup fees. See Multimedia Demos.

We offer immediate activation and a rapid and proven path to success. Other companies are utilizing online training for the immediate advantages it provides. Can you afford not to?

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E-Learning Software: Learning Management System deploymentLow Cost of Ownership FlexTraining E-Learning Software currently powers online training for over one million learners worldwide. It's popularity is due to its flexible feature set and low overall cost of ownership. Standard licenses start at less than $15 per student, and Enterprise solutions are even less. In addition, the FlexTraining point-and-click web-based management center lets you tailor your training environment to match your requirements without costly programming. More ...

E-Learning Software: Complete Learning Management System Examples Start Training in Days, Not Weeks FlexTraining's light-weight web-native architecture is both server and bandwidth friendly. The web-based management menu lets one person monitor learning activity for a large number of online learners, so there is no need to add staff to run your training center. Built-in templates jump-start your course development process, or you can drop existing content files into a proven framework to create courses in no time. More ...

Streamlined E-Learning System E-Learning Instructional designers agree that the key to effective learning is interactivity. Our built in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful e-Learning toolset. FlexTraining Learning Management System is a complete end-to-end training framework, designed from the ground up for effective web-based training. More ...

SaaS Option Also Available Some companies do not have a web server or are not interested in licensing an E-Learning Software package. For these organizations, our Login & Go service is the perfect answer. Subscribers have a complete development, management and training system with built-in security and comprehensive reporting. More ...

Re-use Existing Training Materials With FlexTraining E-Learning Software, you can re-use learning material such as Procedures manuals, charts, diagrams, forms, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, movies, and audio files. Often these materials can be used and tracked as learning objects with no changes at all. In other cases, it makes sense to adapt your content to a faster, more interactive format. Either way, FlexTraining lets you re-use your learning content as many times as you wish. More ...

Single-Source Solution It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third. Whether you decide to license the FlexTraining software or subscribe to the Login & Go service, you'll have all the necessary tools provided in a single menu and environment. And Login & Go subscribers can easily and economically convert to the licensed solution with no loss of data. More ...

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