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FlexTraining Learning Management System - Multi-site Reporting Multi-Site Reporting Module

For many companies, school districts, universities and distributed organizations, one server-based learning management system may not be enough. Local management often needs local control and the option to customize or tailor the learning software to meet their specific needs.

For enterprises with multiple servers running the FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution, we offer the web-based Multi-Site Reporting Module. It provides a consolidated view of your distributed server-learning environment, without losing site of detailed information.

The Multi-Site Reporting Module is installed and run on a single "main" server and works in two steps that can be executed whenever you need to:

1. Collect data from multiple sites

In this step, the system contacts your various servers, based on instructions and filtering you provide, and collects detailed data from each. The data is copied to the machine you have designated as your "main" server to be available for reporting.

2. Execute ad-hoc reports and perform data analysis

A menu of standard reports is provided for utilization with the newly refreshed consolidated database. The consolidated data may be a full collection of all your sites' training information (registrations, progress, test scores, etc.) or it may be a partial view, depending on the choices you made in step #1 above.

The Multi-site Reporting Module brings ad-hoc summarized and detailed reporting capabilities to the decentralized enterprise. It is totally integrated into the FlexTraining database and menu architectures for easy installation, maintenance and use. This module requires the ".NET" server framework to be installed on your main server in order to collect data from the other sites.


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