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FlexTraining e-Learning System: Login & Go Training CenterPremium Hosting Service

We now offer a premium hosting service for FlexTraining license customers and Login & Go subscribers. The new service is an across-the-board upgrade from our standard internal hosting platform we have utilized for several years.

The multitude of network improvements and upgrades that are provided when moving from a typical corporate network to a state-of-the-art hosting center are too many to cover in detail, and may not be of interest to the non-technical customer.  However, there are two factors that are easily understood and really stand out:

  1. Massively redundant power supply Our own internal network features servers with dual power supplies, in case one should ever fail.  But in the new Premium Hosting, redundant power goes far beyond that.  Robust batteries are deployed in the data center to keep the servers up even when electrical supply is sporadic.  And in the event of a total power failure, enormous generators are running 24 X 7 to keep the juice flowing smooth and steady.

  2. Intelligent multi-carrier routing This means that multiple trunk lines from multiple internet backbone providers are routed through the data center.  When your server or training site receives a hit or needs to send data back to a student, it selects the carrier and network route that will provide the quickest path and most reliable transmission.  This happens continuously, thousands of times per second, automatically, and keeps data flowing in both directions along the best possible course. The combined results of these two factors are significant, and can best be described as improved reliability and faster response time.

Many people ask about a percentage of "up" time.  In other words, how often will the system go down or be otherwise unavailable.  The move from internal hosting to the new Premium Hosting environment means reliability would be increased from perhaps 99.5% to perhaps 99.99%.  Of course, the internet is still a vast distributed network and nothing is guaranteed.  But these estimates may help quantify the improved reliability of a robust data center environment designed for maximum performance and availability.

The premium hosting configuration will be used for all hosted licenses and also for all Login & Go subscribers going forward. For a modest increase in cost over the previous hosting service, we are now providing a faster, more redundant, reliable, and bullet-proof infrastructure for our customers


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